Workout For Wed Jan 23, 2019

Foam roll/mash/stretch

Joint Prep

Total Time

Can't Stop Brock Benefit

Right before Christmas a member of the Kato CrossFit Family was given some awful news. His son Brock would have to have a bone marrow transplant and undergo chemotherapy. Brock has ALD (adrenoluekodystrophy). ALD is a genetic disease that severely affects boys and men. It affects the nerve cells that allow us to think and control our muscles.

100cal Row
100cal Ski Erg
100cal Assault Bike
*7 Burpees Every 2mins

-The 100 is significant because the 100 day mark after the transplant is a major milestone, usually it marks the end of hospitalization and out patient care.

-The 7 is significant because Brock will undergo 7 straight days of intense chemotherapy prior to his transplant.

Those of you with Instagram, upon completion of the WOD, please post a pic with the hashtag “cantstopbrock”